Surf or Die

Surf or Die

Ask yourself, “What does this have to do with the future of America?”

When I think of surfing I imagine myself sliding down a hill of water, moving in harmony with the wave of aqua energy as it travels to shore. I maintain a somewhat precarious balance, shifting my weight to keep on the board. I realize that if I don’t continue to adjust my balance by changing where I am as the board moves, that I will quickly “crash and burn”. I will die on my ride, unable to continue.

Metaphorically, we are facing the same thing as a country. If we do not harmonize in a more productive manner, we are certain to “die”. Our country will not be the same. From an environmental perspective weather patterns are changing. Water levels rise. Increased incidents of droughts occur. More rain and snow fall in the east. People will be forced to move out of the increasingly parched west. Those large farms in California go out of business. Food prices rise. Water rights because a huge source of political and economic tension.

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