Plan Now, Change is Coming

It is well worth reading this article summarizing the findings of a climate study by the Climate Vulnerable Forum by a partnership of 20 developing countries threatened by climate change. The full report can be found at

Responding to the report, Oxfam International said the costs of political inaction on climate were “staggering”.

“The losses to agriculture and fisheries alone could amount to more than $500 billion per year by 2030, heavily focussed in the poorest countries where millions depend on these sectors to make a living,” said executive director Jeremy Hobbs.

A summary of the Climate Vulnerability Monitor Findings:

  • The most ambitious response to climate change is the most advantageous policy in human, economic and environmental terms.
  • The human toll of inaction could exceed 100 million deaths between now and 2030 alone.
  • Climate action is good value, but the cost of adapting to climate change has likely been underestimated.
  • Climate injustice is extreme.
  • Climate inaction compromises global development and poverty reduction efforts.
  • International climate finance: A clear default on Copenhagen/Cancun commitments.
  • Nobody is spared the global climate crisis.
  • Outdated estimates of the negative externalities of climate inaction guide today’s regulatory decisions

This reinforces by belief that we need to organize efforts to minimize the impact and plan to turn this change into as much an advantage as possible.

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