I expect this to change a little over time, however this site is focused on the future of America. I am not thinking in terms of stockholders share prices. I am not worried about Fed rates. I am thinking about two things, what do we want our country to look like 30 years from now and how are we going to get there. I am not naive enough to think that I can foretell the future. I can’t. If I could I would have won Powerball more than once. However, there are some things that we all know, or at least shall assume for our longer term discussion. We, as a species, will still be here. We will need to eat, keep warm, make money, provide for our families, be secure in our communities and be healthy. I imagine there are a few others, but I will add them over time. My mission is to generate discussion, gain some degree of consensus in our wacky world and build plans to realize a vision. This web site will be a start for me and hopefully many, many others to work on our future.

America +30 will change the way we look at our future. Today one finds effort on several fronts to address America’s future in a manner that incorporates “sustainability”. This is happening in agriculture, architecture, manufacturing, energy, education, the environment, including climate change, immigration reform, various types of research and development, education, and land use. You can add to this list too. As we all prepare for our next days we would be better served by linking together these efforts to gain a more effective result. Perhaps this is no different than thinking as an American Indian who believes that one must live in harmony with all they touch. Or the Gaia principle, where we are all one, all linked, everything impacting everything else.

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