MIssion Statement

I expect this to change a little over time, however this site is focused on the future of America. I am not thinking in terms of stockholders share prices. I am not worried about Fed rates. I am thinking about two things, what do we want our country to look like in 2050 and how are we going to get there. I am not naive enough to think that I can foretell the future. I can’t. If I could I would have won Powerball more than once. However, there are some things that we all know, or at least shall assume for our longer term discussion. We, as a species, will still be here. We will need to eat, keep warm, make money, provide for our families, be secure in our communities and be healthy. I imagine there are a few others, but I will add them over time. My mission is to generate discussion, gain some degree of consensus in our wacky world and build plans to realize a vision. This web site will be a start for me and hopefully many, many others to work on our future.

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