America + 30 is focused on developing a long range strategic plan for our country. I intend to bring together individuals, organizations, and companies who realize that what we do today impacts where we are tomorrow. It is my thought that most of what we do in this country is determined by instant gratification. Our political system thinks and plans no longer than the next election cycle. Most of our businesses work to maximize the next quarterly return. Personally, I think we live in a fast food culture that seldom considers long term consequences. Decisions are too often determined by convenience and money. Is this going to be the prevailing pattern for our country?

I don’t want to pretend that this is a simple endeavor. I realize that in many regards my effort to change the conversation in our country is a bit Quixotic. Can I make a difference? Can I gather enough other people around me to change how we think of the future? Time will tell. I do know there are others thinking like me. There are myriad efforts in energy, climate change, sustainable agriculture, architecture, manufacturing and others, however I think we need to integrate these into a coherent vision that looks not only at those areas but includes many, many others, like health care, the political system, education, infrastructure, immigration reform, drug policy, the prison system, science, technology, security, personal rights, the place of guns in our society. You get the idea, the list is long. What I am thinking is something like a Seventh Generation for our country.

Will you help, advise, suggest, strategize, opine? I consider all options open; writing, photography, video, consulting, political action, speeches. To be successful we need to use every available tool to combat what I consider to be wrongheaded thinking and actions. Climate change is going to severely impact our country. Our culture will confront stress that will challenge the very nature of our democracy. If we don’t start getting our act together, many people will die, many others will live in very difficult circumstances. Is this what we want? Is this your vision of America? This is a call to action. Join me.

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